Achievement and Self-Confidence Could Soar

Achievement and Self-Confidence Could Soar

Student Achievement and Self-Confidence Could Soar with INC Tutoring

by Epoch Times Staff

Are you concerned about your child’s math capabilities? Do you worry that your child is involved in too many sports activities, thereby not having enough time to study and ending up with an average grade? Does your child have difficulty with math and science, but you cannot offer any help because of your liberal arts background or inadequate English? Do you find that your child has great potential but that what he learns at school is too easy and you don’t know how to broaden it?  In addition, the standardized test SAT has recently undergone a significant revision, especially in math. Are you looking for an experienced one-on-one tutor?

How do you find an ideal tutoring company from a very large pool of options? Here, we recommend the “INC Tutoring”company. The abbreviation INC stands for “It’s Not Complicated” Dallas-based INC Tutoring was established by Mr. Jay Veal and his mother Gloria in 2013.

INC Tutoring is a private, prescriptive tutoring company with a holistic model that ensures success for all students. It focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math ) and standardized tests. Average score increases are 15 to 50 percentage points gained in school grades.  INC Tutoring has students from throughout the DFW area, as well as from outside the DFW area and abroad. In 2012, 2013, and 2015, The Dallas Examiner awarded INC Tutoring the “Best of the Best”education and tutoring awards.

Experienced in Cultivating Lifelong Learners

Jay smiled and introduced himself saying, “I am an entrepreneur. I love education, students, and STEM. I also have a passion for helping others.”

He said that his background was in Information Technology and Communication. Later, he found that his real interest was in education. Hence, he decided in 2008 to pursue a career in education. He said, “I taught in high school for four and a half years before joining Strayer University as an adjunct professor and as a teacher with DISD and other districts responsible for all math from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus BC. Later, I became a Math Instructional Coach responsible for mentoring educators and training. Finally, I started my own company, INC Tutoring, focusing on STEM courses. Participating students range from 5 years old to those pursuing master’s degrees.”

Regarding his reason to start the company, Jay said, “I found that there was a need for tutoring in the current society regarding students’ learning styles and how to make the subject matter relevant and interesting so that students would want to study. It is also important to help students at the time that matches their needs. I am confident I can meet the students’ needs. That is why I started my company and work with the student, school, teachers, and parents to ensure that the student’s needs are always met. Whether students want to make faster progress in a particular area or improve their grade point average, we could help them in different ways based on their situation.”

Jay’s mother, Gloria, is INC’s principal program manager of communications and public relations. She emphasized, “We want to help our students to become lifelong learners, not long-term customers.”

Jay indicated, “INC Tutoring currently has 13 tutors. Most of them have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in engineering, math, or education. A few have majored in biology and chemistry. All of them have tutoring experience ranging from 3 to 7 years.”

Tailored Tutoring with Flexible Times and Locations

Jay indicated, “We offer one-on-one, tailored tutoring with flexible times and locations. We can meet students at their homes, select locations like libraries, or online using Skype or Google Hangout. The online approach is particularly useful for students living far away or outside the DFW area as they have clients nationally as well.”

Jay explained how his company works with students. “The first meeting is setup via email then meeting physically, is free of charge, and generally lasts about an hour. Students younger than 18 years old should be accompanied by their parents. Twenty-one questions will be asked regarding the student’s interest, strength, learning style, and preferred way to conduct tutoring including time and location, etc. The tutoring service can be in the form of either a contract agreement or hourly depending on need.”

The progress of each student in the company’s program is monitored closely. “For students unable to keep up with their school work, we shall provide them with the knowledge, practice, and tests needed to bring them up to speed. We also use internet communications (such as Skype and Google Hangout) to enhance further interaction with students. For students who find their school work too easy, we shall provide them with more challenging work and requirements.”

Soaring Scores and Confidence within Weeks

Jay was proud to say, “Our experience indicates that within 4 to 5 weeks of tutoring, our students exhibit average score increases of 15 to 50 percentage points in school grades.”

Following are some specific examples Jay provided:

“One of our students is a football and basketball player. He needed help in algebra. We spent one hour a week helping him for four weeks. We reviewed what he was supposed to know and asked him to take practice tests. After four weeks his father told us that his son’s score had grown from the sixties to a ninety five.”

“What is truly amazing is that this student is now doing very well in his other courses (close to 100). The key point here is that this student has gained confidence in his own ability to do well.

His score has exceeded NCAA requirements, and he is free to participate in whichever sport he likes. This result has made everyone very happy.”

“There is another student whose grade was around 40. After five and a half weeks of tutoring, his score is now close to 100. The secret is to practice more and become really familiar with the course material.”

“There is a student who needed help in math. With our help he got through his math exam. Now he qualifies to be selected by a well-known NCAA team.”

In summarizing success stories Jay said, “During the tutoring process developing students’ curiosity to learn is very important. Our objective is to guide the student to become a lifelong learner. He should have the confidence to face different environments and any kind of challenge throughout his life.”


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